FAQs and Restock Tips

We're pleased to announce that we are restocking some of our sold out styles as well as introducing brand new styles to our online store on Thursday (June 8, 2017) at 7:00pm PDT (Pacific Daylight Time). Arizona local time: 7:00pm

Here are some FAQs and quick tips for snagging your favorite dress!


What makes your dresses unique? 

Our loose silhouette lounge gowns are comfortable, flattering, and functional for both smaller and larger curves. Combining practicality and style, our dresses are loved by: fashionistas, new mamas, travelers, hipsters, nursing mothers, beach-goers, busy moms, and laid-back stylists alike.

Our dresses are also a wardrobe staple because they're 100% pregnancy-friendly and nursing-friendly. Our innovative snap-button closure makes nursing effortless! Many mamas find that our gowns are perfect for baby delivery in the hospital or at home.


What's the difference between your Classic Caftan and your Cocoon Caftan?

While both dresses are flowy V-neck caftans that are nursing-friendly, bump-friendly, and made with buttery soft fabric, there are a few differences! Our Classic Caftan features 3/4 length sleeves, a snap button closure, two pockets hidden in the seams, and an A-line silhouette. Our Cocoon Caftan has short sleeves, a zipper closure, two front pockets, and a V-line silhouette. Both styles are transitional for all seasons and available in unique colors and patterns. 


Can you tell me more about your fabric?

All of our fabrics are deliciously lightweight and buttery soft with just the right amount of stretch. We offer durable, supersoft fabrics that are comfortable, modest, breathable, and stylish for day or night. Please note that all styles offered at the moment are our "cozy" fabric (our "silky" fabric will be back later this season)! 

About our cozy fabric
Our cozy fabric feels buttery soft like your favorite t-shirt. This ultra-snuggly blended fabric feels warm and soft to the touch, similar to cotton. All of our fabrics contain spandex for that perfect, comfy drape and flattering silhouette. Details about care can be found on our individual product listings.

Are your prints and patterns limited-edition?

Yes! Our collections are carefully hand-selected and we offer unique prints and patterns with limited availability. If you like a particular style - grab it! We cannot guarantee that we can restock styles that sell out.


Where are your products made?

Our dresses are ethically made in the USA. We are proud to offer innovative, high quality products that support fair labor practices.


Will your dresses fit me?

Our one size fits smaller and larger curves. Fits sizes XS-XL (2-14). Our loose silhouette gowns are made with roomy stretch jersey fabric designed to flatter both maternity and non-maternity sizes. Model pictured below is 5'9 and a size 12.


Can you tell me more about extended sizing?

Thank you so much for your interest in the extended sizing we're working on! As our inventory levels continue to increase to meet demand for our one size, we are excited to announce that in a few months we will be able to offer extended sizes for our petite and plus sized customers. We're currently working with our seamsters and seamstresses to finalize a timeframe and we will let you know of any updates!


I'm shorter than 5'3". What will your current "one size" caftan look like on me?

For a petite girl under 5'3," our caftans fit like a boyfriend-fit maxi dress. Model pictured below is 5'3 and a size 0.

How will the petite style be different than the current "one size" style?

If you've found that our current size is too big on you, the petite version is proportioned specifically for people whose bodies are smaller than average as well as for people who are looking for a shorter crop and a slimmer fit.

Will you release a larger size, too?

We are receiving feedback requesting a caftan proportioned for larger sizes and hope to release a plus sized style in a few months! Our current "one size" caftan has been designed to fit up to an XL but our customers have told us that it comfortably fits some XXL sizes (up to a size 16) as well.



As a growing small business, we do everything we can to line our shelves with your favorite dresses. However, our best-sellers often sell out quickly. Here are some tips for snagging your favorites:



Set an alarm and be online a few minutes BEFORE the restock time. This is a great way to get ahead of the crowds during the first few minutes of the restock.


For the smoothest (and fastest!) check-out possible, we recommend shopping on a desktop/laptop computer. You may need to refresh web pages quickly in order to view available products during high-traffic times.


All colors and patterns of our dresses are limited edition. If you like a particular style--grab it! We cannot guarantee restock of styles that sell out. We have a generous return/exchange policy if you change your mind.


Please note: even if an item is IN your shopping cart, it can still sell out! This can happen when multiple customers add a popular low-stock item to their cart at the same time. To avoid disappointment, we recommend that you complete the check-out process as soon as you've chosen your favorites.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the increased volume of orders, we are no longer able to combine orders and refund shipping charges from multiple orders. We are also unable to make changes to your order once it has been placed. We highly recommend double checking all info entered at checkout. Please allow up to 7 business days (Monday-Friday) for your order to be shipped during restocks and product launches due to the high volume of orders placed.


We hope these FAQs and tips will help you checkout easily!

Thanks again and happy shopping! -Nicole and Jade xx

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Modern Newborn Essentials by 100 Layer Cakelet

If you've just had a baby or you're looking forward to your due date, here's a great list for all mamas: the essentials for your newborn. These essentials, put together by the ladies over at 100 Layer Cakelet, include some of our all-time favorites. You'll find signature products that have been tested through the years as well as some brand new must-haves:

1. Nuna Pipa carseat. This one is so cozy and deluxe!

2. Black and white contrasty soft book. Newborns love black and white.

3. Ergobaby Adapt. From birth up with no infant insert. It’s so cool!

4. Small pouch for organizing the diaper bag. This one holds diapers, diaper cream, wipes, lipgloss… you know the essentials! By Baggu for Land of Nod.

5. Bonded leather changing mat from Gathre

6. Handmade wood rattle from Knotwork LA

7. Sound machine! Baby loves sleeping with white noise. There are lots of options but this one has proven to be trusty and long lasting. Pro tip: if you’re worried about baby waking up an older child, put a second one in the big kid’s room too!

8. The cutest leather diaper bag, ever! Printed with little moons, and full of pockets. By Baggu for Land of Nod.

9. Adorably patterned diapers and wipes from Parasol Co.

10. Fall and winter babies need a signature cap! Love the pilot/bonnet style and this simple organic cotton version in particular.

11. Dwell + Slumber modern housecoat/kaftan/nightgown/dress. With buttons in the front for nursing. Makes days around the house feel a little more stylish!

12. Solly baby wrap. Yes you will totally use both a wrap and an Ergo! Love how soft and stretchy the Solly wraps are.

13. Organic multi-purpose balm from One Love Organics. Amazing for chapped/dry skin, diaper cream, lipgloss, nipple cream, makeup remover… literally anything that needs a little extra love will benefit from this stuff. And it’s 100% organic with no chemicals so it’s safe for everyone in the family to use.

14. Muslin burp cloths should come everywhere with you! Especially if you have a spit-uppy baby.

15. NoseFrida. The gold standard in snot-sucking, people. It’s a must have for clearing baby’s stuff nose.

16. Infant nail clippers with a light! So genius. Ordered these the first time on accident and it turns out they are amazing.

17. Simple, soft newborn clothes are so lovely. These basics from Gap should be stashed away in three sizes if you ask us! Love whites and creams on the little ones.
18. A bunch of organic washcloths… and yes the tiny size really matters when you have a tiny human.

19. A tub (we like Puj!) for keeping baby clean and safe in the bath. Puj stores flat and takes up, like, NO space when you’re not using it. Major bonus!

20. Natural bath soap and lotion, that mama likes too! Love Tubby Todd‘s natural scents.

21. Have you seen the Dock-a-Tot? Haven’t used it, but it looks pretty genius!

22. Can’t ever go wrong with muslin swaddling blankets. Even if you prefer different swaddles for actual swaddling (zipper, velcro, folded, etc), these will be workhorses in your baby arsenal for years! They even make great fort blankets later on.

23. A sleep book! Sleep it everything if you ask us. And having a book you can reference to understand infant, baby, and sleep through the years is so immensely helpful. We love The Happy Sleeper for it’s “middle of the road” approach to sleeping, soothing, crying, and all that comes with the first year of getting the whole family enough rest.

24. Ergobaby nursing pillow. Definitely need one for all the hours you’ll be sitting on the couch or in bed with your babe.

Share your newborn faves with us in the comments!

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10 Ways to Survive Postpartum

Your first few weeks at home with your newborn will be a challenging rite of passage. Postpartum, aka the fourth trimester, is well-known as a time that can be both awkward and scary. This pull-out survival guide from features all the tips on how to make the best of the first few disorienting weeks at home with a newborn. Consider yourself prepared with these tips and tricks:

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 10 Ways to Survive Postpartum {The Fourth Trimester}

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An Ode to the House Dress

Why a loose-fitting, shapeless sack is the best form of self care

One of life’s greatest pleasures is coming home from a long day and taking off all of your clothes. Unbuttoning the top button of your pants the minute you step onto the subway feels wonderful but it’s a small consolation prize to closing the door to your home, unhooking your bra and freeing your bosom from its underwire prison. Changing out of your pencil skirt and slipping into a pair of grubby sweatpants and that weird shirt you stole out of the free pile at work is a daily act of self-care that we do without thinking about it. But for me, I skip the sweatpant, and go straight for a house dress.

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How to Get Your Body Caftan-Ready for Summer

It's officially Summer. The heat is on and our Instagram feeds are filled with pics of poolside babes clutching low-calorie smoothies. Our fitness idols are showing off their Kayla Itsines abs and hot dog legs. And our Facebook friends are desperately try to convince us that It Works! actually works. I think it's safe to say that the pressure for having a bikini body is in full effect. Isn't there an alternative?

Yes. Yes there is.

I've already eaten a sleeve of Oreos and pinned a recipe this morning for something called a Birthday Cake Croissant, but I'd also like to share these steps for getting your body caftan-ready this summer:

1. Select a caftan of your choice. Stroke its gauzy fabric and whisper into its folds.

2. Let your flesh settle into the crevices of your comfortable, comfortable caftan.

3. Crumbs? Let them fall where they may, swaddled in your caftan.

4. Throw out your razor.

5. Throw out your bra.

6. Throw out the aloe vera lotion you bought last summer. You will not be getting sunburned this summer.

7. Release your inhibitions. Feel the rain on your skin.

Shop our Caftan Body-Ready dresses here. 

List by Véronique Hyland via The Cut. Photos by Keystone/Getty Images and Thiago Silva.
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