Practical Mamas, We're Hooking You Up

Hey, guys. Every so often we at Dwell + Slumber come across something that we love. When that happens, we like to share it, because we also love you and think that you should know about the cool things we know about.

If you’ve worn our caftans, you’ll know that Dwell + Slumber is your go-to when you’re reaching into your closet for a comfy outfit. Our dresses are like stealth pajamas—cozy enough to sleep in but chic enough for when you’ve gotta dash out of the house. But we know that mamas aren’t the only ones who have those “I don’t want to get dressed today!” moments. Comfort is about convenience for you AND your little ones. That’s why we’ve been totally crushing on a brand that not only has standards that blow other brands out of the water, but has the perfect product to compliment your D+S!

So who are we so crazy about??

Just the most amazing sleeping, lounging, play-at-home outfits for your toddler.

Introducing…Unders by GroVia!

GroVia knows toddlers. That means Unders are made from cozy 100% cotton material with no itchy labels or uncomfortable leg elastics. Each pack comes with one print and one solid pair of underwear, allowing your little one to mix and match with Unders Tank Tops! GroVia has singlehandedly ended the early-morning-time-to-get-dressed battle—the simple unisex design is perfect for boys and girls to wear under clothing or by themselves, and these comfy outfits can all day and all night.

Better yet, GroVia takes pride in designing the best for your lil’ babe. Unders are as environmentally friendly and healthy for your little one as they are comfy and cute. You can feel good about dressing your tot in eco-friendly gear.

Have a travel day coming up? Grab some easy-to-pack Unders and mix and match for easy, no-fuss outfits (not having to pack extra jammies is a bonus). Playtime and nap time will be a breeze!

Oh, and don’t forget that early morning run to the store! Darling patterns and colors mean that your toddler gets to wear their favorite Unders from the night before and you can throw on your Dwell + Slumber housedress. Nothing wrong with grocery shopping in your jams when you look this cute in them.


Because we love GroVia so much, we’ve decided to take our relationship to the next level. We’re teaming up for a GIVEAWAY!! All you have to do is enter by clicking a link to the form below. If you’re the lucky duck, you’ll get a couple $68 gift cards headed your way- one to get that D+S housedress you’ve been eying and the other to grab your favorite GroVia diapers or accessories you’ve been needing. Tell a friend!

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