4 Things NOT to Worry About When You Become Pregnant

Hey mama! Congratulations on growing your family! Whether this is your first rodeo or you’re well aware of the changes that often come with pregnancy, those changes often come with their share of worries. As you’re Googling about your pregnancy (we know you are) you’ll find long things of things to do, things not to do, what not to eat, etc. Instead, we wanted to give you a list of things not to worry about during your pregnancy. We want to help you take a load off. If you’re interested in taking a chill pill, keep reading.

1 | Your newfound curves

Sorry to break it to you, mama, but it’s not just your belly that’s going to get bigger when you’ve got a bun in the oven. You’re going to find brand new curves popping up all over the place! First, you’ll see them on your chest. Then one day you’ll look at your reflection and wonder if someone replaced your mirror with one from a carnival because you’re sure your hips didn’t used to curve that way. Well, you’re not wrong. One of the wonders of pregnancy is that pesky hormone, relaxin. Yup, that’s really it’s name. Basically, your body needs relaxin in order to make your hips wider to make room to push that little miracle out when it’s time to deliver. So, not a bad thing. The only downside is that relaxin doesn’t know when to stop and spreads to other parts of your body as well. Hence the back pain, hence your feet getting bigger, etc.

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2 | Maintaining your current lifestyle

There’s no need to convince us! We already know you’re a go-getting super woman. That being said, don’t be afraid to cut yourself some slack- especially during the first trimester when the sight of fish makes you want to give up your breakfast and during the third trimester when you’re too big to bend down and put on your shoes. You might have to order-in a few nights a week, rearrange your workout routine, or order your groceries online instead of shopping in-store. Your body is going through 101 changes and it makes sense that your lifestyle might have to make a few as well. Which brings us to our next point...

3 | The number of naps you take every day

There’s more than one reason why you’ll need to slow down during pregnancy, and it’s not just because of that fancy new waddle you’ve picked up. Your body is putting in a lot of overtime and you’re sure to feel the affects. Not only that, but you may be suffering from the infamous pregnancy insomnia. Since that’s the case, we recommend making your bed as cozy as possible and taking advantage of itt! Afterall, once your baby joins you, you’ll have to become even more strategic about when and where you find time to sleep. Don’t be ashamed to get a couple winks during the day even if you could be doing something more “productive.”

4 | Asking for help

If being self-sufficient is something you’ve always been proud of, it might be high time to ask for some much-needed help here and there. There has never been a better excuse to take someone up on their, “Let me know if you ever need anything!” offer. They might raise an eyebrow when you follow up with, “Well, actually, there is something you could do!” but hey, they offered! Chances are, you have a couple friends and family who would love to sign up for a meal team after baby arrives or grab a couple things from the store for you while they’re already out. Asking is the hardest part!

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Chelsea Damon is a writer and a mama who is passionate about coffee, joyful marriages, healthy lifestyles, and Dwell + Slumber! You can read more of Chelsea's writing on her blog, Living the Sweet Life.