4 Of The Best Outfits To Wear While Flying

Hey girl, we hope you're taking some time off this summer to chilax, soak in some sunscreen-protected sun, and maybe get some traveling in. However magical your destination might be, getting there isn't always the fun part. Airplanes can be cold, cramped, and make your nose feel like it sniffed a dessert. To make your plane ride a little cozier, we wanted to give you a list of a few outfits you might want to keep out of your luggage to wear while traveling the skies.

Leggings leggings leggings

Leggings are your home away from home. Your hug in a pair of pants. They understand the days when you sneak a donut into your morning coffee order and still give you the benefit of the doubt. You must've needed it. Wear them with a t-shirt, tunic, or dress and you have your free pass to sit as un-lady-like add you please on that flight.

A housedress

*COUGH* From Dwell + Slumber *COUGH*COUGH.* Seriously, though. We had to throw this one in there because, honestly, it wouldn't be fair to you if we didn't. You know those leggings we mentioned before? Pair your D+S with some of those and you're set to sleep from Seattle to D.C. Not to mention that you'll look extremely cute with only 25% of the effort. It's scientifically proven.

A maxi skirt

Who says you can't be classy and comfy while 27,000 feet in the air? Since maxi skirts are basically like wearing a portable blanket anywhere you go, we highly recommend them on the plane. You'll likely be able to avoid wrapping the over-used flannel (?) ones the airline provides around your waist, which is a pretty big plus in our book.

Your favorite cardigan

When traveling via airplane, layers are key. You never know how your flight is going to feel and it's best to come prepared and able to shed layers if needed rather than being cold. The nice thing is that a cardi can be paired with literally any outfit. So grab your go-to and hit the tarmac!


So, lady, what do you have packed in your carry-on? Taking a Dwell + Slumber housedress on your getaway? Share a picture on Instagram and tag us, we'd love to see the adventures you take your house dress on!

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Chelsea Damon is a writer and a mama who is passionate about coffee, joyful marriages, healthy lifestyles, and Dwell + Slumber! You can read more of Chelsea's writing on her blog, Living the Sweet Life.