5 Ways to Wear a Housedress

Do you know what I love about house dresses? They don’t have to be worn in the house at all! They’re more like a, I’ve-been-wearing-this-all-morning-and-now-I-need-to-get-out-of-the-house type dress. And if you don’t feel like changing? Well that’s just ok because there are so many ways to wear your house dress out of the house! Can’t think of any? We came up with a few thought-starters for you. Feel free to copy these looks exactly or come up with your own!

1 | Oversized hat it up!

Raise your hand if you need a day at the beach! (Me please!) Treat your house dress to a day out in the sun but remember to wear sunscreen and an oversized hat to keep that skin soft and youthful! Did I mention you’ll look adorable? You will.

2 | Knotted

If you have toddlers running around your ankles, this may be the look for you. Give yourself a little leg room and avoid the risk of a goofball playing hide and seek under your dress by gathering and knotting at the knee. Pair with close-toed sandals for further protection. This look is mom-approved.

3 | With jeans

Don’t think this could work? Oh, it can. Don’t be afraid to take the knot a step further by cinching the dress up just a tad more and pairing it with some classic distressed jeans. Add an espadrille and you’re on your way to brunch!

4 | Belted

Want to be comfy but remind the world that you have a waist? Grab a thin leather belt and give yourself a hug with it. Once you’ve secured that, sling on a small shoulder bag to complete your “put-together” look.

5 | Vested

You know the cool thing about vests? They can be worn literally any time of year. Grab that vest you put away last fall and wear it over your floral house dress. Or have your grandma crochet you something awesome and totally boho. It’ll help give you an excuse for the bed head.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


Chelsea Damon is a writer and a mama who is passionate about coffee, joyful marriages, healthy lifestyles, and Dwell + Slumber! You can read more of Chelsea's writing on her blog, Living the Sweet Life.