Dwell and Slumber was first inspired by our mutual desire to create the perfect lounge dress.

We became fast friends when we met as college freshmen roommates over a decade ago, but we’ve spent the last ten years working on our own projects on opposite sides of the globe. Nicole’s work in the UK as a graphic designer is the perfect compliment to Jade’s experience in US-based textile product design and manufacturing. Together we share a deep love for turning even the smallest rituals (such as enjoying brunch with friends or picking up the kids from school) into stylish events.

Life brought us together again in Phoenix, Arizona, where our conversations centered around celebrating the ordinary. One of us works in an office and the other works as a stay-at-home mom, but we found common ground in the type of clothing we wanted to wear. We were both seeking a way to be comfortable and cozy 24-7 during our “day jobs” while still looking stylish and pulled-together. We needed a dress that was functional but also made the hum-drum of the day feel luxurious!

We’ve collaborated to create dresses that we believe are beautiful, comfortable, and functional. Whether you’re traveling the globe, meeting friends, playing with your children, or snuggling down for a Netflix marathon and a nap, we hope that you’ll find our dresses as cozy and versatile as we do.

We make dresses that you can truly live and sleep in.

-Jade & Nicole xx